Lecture: God's Honor to Man ... Rights and Duties in Islam (Video)

Lecture: God's Honor to Man ... Rights and Duties in Islam (Video)
Mon, 02/22/2021 - 11:59
Lecture: God's Honor to Man ... Rights and Duties in Islam (Video)

Mr. Abdelfattah Morro presented the episode " God's honor to Man Rights and Duties in Islam" on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, managed by the Vice President of the Center Salahuddin Al Jurshi. 

And Dr. recites the verse, number 70, from Al-Israa: “We have honored the sons of Adam, and carried them on land and sea, and provided them with good things, and favored them over many of those whom we have created in preference.” 

He explained this honor to the human being, and selected him over other creatures, and treated him in a manner that is not similar to the treatment of other creatures of the Almighty God but considered him a master in the universe.

The award was the result of two basic stages: The first is that Allah offered a trust before it to the human being, and the rest of mankind did not turn it over. In that, His Excellency said, "We offered the trust over the heavens, the earth, and the mountains, but they refused to bear it, were apprehensive of it, and the man held it; he was unjust and ignorant [the parties:72],

"This trust means that Allah has committed man to the universe," he added. "Your Lord has told the angels, 'I have made the earth a successor.'" (The 30th Cow). Accepting this trust has made a human being selected by being a responsible creature, and the human being's composition is open to question, meaning that he is responsible for doing it, and that is the meaning of choice, freedom, and ability.

God also distinguished man through knowledge. "Adam learned all the names, and then he showed them to the angels. He said, 'Tell me the names of these if you are honest.' (Cow 31). And that's showing the ability to know and distinguish the characteristics of things and the differences between them, and the recognition was that a human being was a sane person.  

The other element that God has honored is the ability and the will. Man can say and do and can overcome obstacles through his patience and persistence because God created him to be a builder of the universe, and therefore he derives his power from the will of God Almighty, pointing out that change in the world is not based on multitude but a few with a clear goal to work on.

And concerning rights and duties, the professor explained that there are two sides a human being can't enjoy his right unless he meets that right, a duty that makes you lead to my right.

He asserted that we are living today a real crisis of the appearance of everyone demanding the right, and no one is talking about duties, whereas the legitimate concept of honor and assignment is based on the performance of duty and the pursuit of rights, that is to say, doing what he is before claiming his right, because the wealth in the universe is only based on our cooperation to enrich it, and any project in this world only performs its duty, and after that rights cannot be separated from each other. 

The professor emphasized that all our actions as humans are a translation of our sense that we are the most generous creature in the universe, and this creature is only the most generous of creatures, on the condition that it performs its duties to enjoy its rights.