CSID launches an e-learning academy

CSID launches an e-learning academy
Mon, 03/29/2021 - 10:40
CSID launches an e-learning academy

The Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID) announced the launch of an e-learning training platform, the first initiative launched in this regard after a rich experience of direct training and movement between states for years.

Since its establishment in Tunisia in 2011, the Center has set youth at the top of its priorities in all its activities, projects, and training courses, aiming to enable them to participate effectively in public affairs and develop their capacities. It has also given great importance to religious actors because they believe in the crucial role they play in educating citizens, especially regarding instilling the values of citizenship and democracy and fighting corruption and extremism.

In this sense, the Center put the platform into the attention of the participants in the "youth leaders for a Better Tomorrow" project for 400 young men and women from 10 states, and the "Hand in Hand to Fight Corruption and Extremism" project, which includes Imams and religious actors from 12 states. The platform is available to the center members and participants via the following link: http://www.csid-academy.org/  

The Academy offers lessons and tests on major themes that were translated into a variety of material that combines scripts and videos, which are presented by a group of the best professionals and experts in Tunisia. 

The themes are :

1- Anti-corruption mechanisms: (More than 30 videos)

· Anti-corruption mechanisms: Valuable side  - Abdul Karim al-Tarabulsi

· Anti-corruption mechanisms: Legal side - Fawzi Al-Ereibi 

2- Counter-extremism mechanisms (over 30 videos) 

.National Identity - Mohamed Al-Shetewi

· Moderation in Tunisian Religious Culture - Mohamed Al-Shetewi

· The Perils of Atonement - Sami Braham

· Religious Freedom and Freedom of Belief - Moez al-Jawadi

· Sharia and governance - Abdul Karim al-Tarabulsi

· Civil and Religious State - Muhammad Shtewi

· Factors of attraction and pushing towards extremism - Moez Al-Jawadi 

· Islam of Values and Tranquility - Abdul Karim Tarabulsi 

3- Leadership skills: (over 30 videos)

· The Art of Leadership - Adel  Guider

· Effective communication - Hassouna Guidra

· Building and managing teamwork- Hassouna Guidara

· Time management - Adel Guider

· Managing differences and resolving disputes - Sami Belhaj

· Advocacy and networking - Adel Guider 

4- Formulation, design, and management of community-projects

(7 )Training Videos - Mahdi Al-kablawi 

5- The legal origin of democracy and human rights

 (8) lectures: Abd El-Fattah Morrow

Hence, the Center invites all participants in projects and all those involved to participate extensively in this platform and to benefit from the rich material it provides. It also declares that it will open the way for those who wish to enroll, by visiting the center's headquarters in Monplaisir or through its website:  http://en.csidtunisia.org/